About our Journey

Hi! We’d like to introduce ourselves! We are Pete and Samantha, we currently live the van lifestyle and travel the United States riding our mountain bikes wherever and whenever we can. Our Yacht’s name is Moose, he is a 2000 Chevy Express with a raised roof and extended wheelbase. He’s a nice guy, he takes good care of us.

The long story is such: We are a couple of normal folk, but since we met it has always been evident to both of us that we’re a couple of wanderlusters at heart. We’ve moved around, living in places such as Durango, Boulder, and Bellingham, but we’ve always yearned to get something more exciting out of our living situation. So in the winter of 2016 we made a huge leap, buying and gutting a van to build the starship of our dreams. A winter of cutting, sanding, and staining later, Moose was finished and our future was laid out before us.

So we jettisoned from our comfortable life in Bellingham, WA to travel full time, freelancing online for our bread and adventuring wherever adventure is found. Far from fun and games, our life is a circus act of flying seat-of-the-pants and comedic problem solving, but ohhh what a reward we seek.

So jump on board! Follow our blog to see the world that we’re navigating. Brighter days ahead!